Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs)

Over the past 4 years, Faces & Voices of Recovery Mississippi has been building alliances with state, local, and community organizations to promote community recovery.  These relationships, in addition to our ongoing efforts, result in opportunities for contracts/MOUs, funding, and service provision throughout the state.  By working with Faces & Voices of Recovery Mississippi and joining the Mississippi Recovery Community Organization Collaborative, you will be made aware of these opportunities and connected with partnering opportunities within your area.  In addition, you will be included in statewide events and advocacy efforts.  

In addition, we have a pilot program, Engaged Recovery Community Services, in Jackson, which, in combination with national best practices, will serve as a model for organizational policy, procedures, and design.  By partnering with Faces & Voices of Recovery and the Collaborative, you will have access to technical assistance to walk you through the process of start up and program development.

It is our goal to have an RCO present in every county in Mississippi.  If you are interested in being a part of the community recovery movement, please contact us for more information.

Faces and Voices of Recovery of Mississippi in Action

What is an RCO?

How can Faces & Voices of Mississippi help me start an RCO in my county?

Across the country, organizations that are independent, non-profit, led and governed by people in recovery, family members, friends and allies are mobilizing resources within and outside of the recovery community to make it possible for the over 150 thousand Mississippians’ still struggling with addiction to find long-term recovery.  Our organization has a mission that reflects the particular issues and concerns of our community.

All groups share three core principles – recovery vision; authenticity of voice; and accountability to the recovery community.